Empowering School Board Members in the Carolinas

Through training, tools and our unique vision, we endeavor to be the most influential voice for student achievement, parental authority, and superior school board service.


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What people are saying about CALN

“CALN is needed now more than ever because we’re losing our younger generation…they’re willing to put the time and the talent towards mentoring young people and making sure they’re prepared to compete in a world that is challenging, to say the least. It’s an honor for me to get involved.”

U.S. Representative Ralph Norman South Carolina

“The founders understood that the Lockean natural rights of life, liberty, and property could only be preserved by educated people. Still, they also knew the corrupting threat to the republic posed by sprawling bureaucracies.”

U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx North Carolina

“The organization that is being created here and, more importantly, the program is really about a student-centric and mission focus so that the organization is focused on making sure that we’re educating and preparing kids.”

Sean Strain Former Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District School Board Member

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