Ac⁠t⁠s of k⁠i⁠ndness: S.C. s⁠t⁠uden⁠t⁠s surpr⁠i⁠sed w⁠i⁠⁠t⁠h Chr⁠i⁠s⁠t⁠mas g⁠i⁠f⁠t⁠s

December 22, 2023

Bryce Fiedler

CALN Founding Member & CALN Board of Directors Secretary

Gift Boxes On Brown Wooden Board


Students in Orangeburg, South Carolina enjoyed a cheerful holiday surprise this year. Ruby Edwards, who serves as chair of the Orangeburg County School Board, joined community members on Dec. 15 to deliver Christmas gifts to more than 100 students across local elementary schools. The holiday act of kindness was reported by the Orangeburg-based Times and Democrat.  

Student-of-the-month recipients at Mellichamp Elementary School gleefully showed off their gift cards, while “Students of Hope” were surprised with gift cards at Sheridan Elementary School. Meanwhile, two students in every grade received gift cards at Edisto Primary Elementary School.  

In addition to Edwards, the Times and Democrat names several community partners who made the special day possible, including the Delta Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, inc., Paragon Builders, Orangeburg County, and County Councilwoman Deloris Frazier.  

Sheridan Elementary School Principal Aisha Williams expressed her gratitude, saying, “We appreciate Chair Edwards and her partners for blessing our students with these holiday gifts.”  

Edwards spoke with the students at their schools, saying how proud she was of them and asking them to “continue to be great boys and girls.” The Times and Democrat writes:  

She closed her comments to the students by sharing with them, their teachers, and principals that she couldn’t do this without community partners. “We are all so blessed to be able to bring smiles to children’s faces during this time of year, and I, along with those who have partnered with me, hope we can continue this tradition for many more holiday seasons,” she concluded. 

So, as we spend time with family and loved ones this Christmas holiday, enjoying cherished moments filled with laughter and joy, let’s celebrate these thoughtful acts of kindness and the spirit of giving that embody our Carolinas communities!