Kayla Maloney

CALN Project Manager

Kayla serves as the Project Manager for the Carolinas Academic Leadership Network. After she graduated college, she began her career as a research intern at the John Locke Foundation.

As the daughter of a 9/11 first responder, Kayla was raised to put God, family, and country first. A proud Catholic Conservative, she believes that the only way to solve most of the issues this country faces is to fix the school systems and prioritize the proper rearing of our children. Kayla is excited to use her position to ensure that students across the Carolinas and their success in education are put first.

Kayla is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration from N.C. State University. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of America, where she graduated with honors, majored in political science pre-law, minored in philosophy, and received a specialization in the Social Sciences through the Honors College.

Kayla’s hobbies include walking her dogs (Liberty and Patriot), spending time with friends and family, and mentoring youth at her local church.