Kansas f⁠i⁠nds no ev⁠i⁠dence ⁠t⁠ha⁠t⁠ DEI helps m⁠i⁠nor⁠i⁠⁠t⁠y ach⁠i⁠evemen⁠t⁠

October 30, 2023

Amy O. Cooke

CALN Founding Member & CALN Board of Directors President

The Kansas Policy Institute reports:

Minorities and low-income students are falling further behind despite Kansas taxpayers giving school districts $3.8 billion in at-risk funding since 2015 to improve outcomes and close achievement gaps on the state assessment. At the same time, many school districts implemented diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training, theoretically, to improve minority outcomes and close achievement gaps.  Sadly, those gaps also expanded.

In the Shawnee Mission school district, the “achievement gaps for Black students are worse, as math outcomes for Black students declined while White students slightly improved.”

What’s more important? Improving student achievement or appearing to care about improving student achievement.