KSBRC T⁠i⁠⁠t⁠le IX Web⁠i⁠nar Even⁠t⁠ Record⁠i⁠ng

May 8, 2024

Kayla Maloney

CALN Project Manager

Last Thursday, the Kansas School Board Resource Center hosted a webinar titled, Preparing for the Impact: New Title IX Regulation in Public Schools

They brought in Max Eden of AEI and Jonathan Vogel of Vogel Law Firm to discuss the impact that the new Title IX guidance will have on a national level for public schools. 

The purpose of the webinar was to inform and prepare school board members for the impacts of the new Title IX regulations to be implemented by August 1st. Max Eden provided background details on the issue and Jonathan Vogel discussed the legal implications for school board members, especially in states like Kansas with laws that require separate facilities for boys and girls and run counter to the new Title IX rules. 

To watch the recording and learn more about the speakers, click here! 

And, don’t forget, CALN is hosting Jonathan Vogel THIS FRIDAY at 11am to discuss the impact the new guidance will have on North and South Carolina specifically. RSVP today by clicking this link!