SBAE, O⁠t⁠her Academ⁠i⁠c Ach⁠i⁠evemen⁠t⁠ Groups Emerge Na⁠t⁠⁠i⁠onw⁠i⁠de As NSBA Influence Wanes

February 12, 2024

Kayla Maloney

CALN Project Manager

Since the National School Board Associations’ (NSBA) historical blunder in September of 2021, the group’s blanket influence has waned, giving new groups the opportunity to rise up and fill that vacuum. 

For those who may not remember, in 2021 the NSBA called on the federal government to use law enforcement to silence parents who opposed CRT and mask mandates. They outwardly called those who criticized those policies domestic terrorists, and wanted them investigated by the FBI, DOJ, and DHS under the Patriot Act. 

It was later revealed that the NSBA’s letter of request to have these parents investigated was written on behalf of the Department of Education, meaning the NSBA was corrupted into an extension of the government who prioritized the administration’s agenda over student success. 

Following the controversy, over half of the NSBA’s constituent school boards disaffiliated all while parents continued to be investigated and the general public became increasingly aware of their biased agenda. Upon hiring a new CEO, Verjeana McCotter-Jacobs, Esq., who specialized in equity and social justice, the NSBA became even more radical and less concerned with student learning, if at all. 

While many of the school board associations who left the NSBA did not actually become more student-focused, several new groups who do prioritize academic achievement have popped up, Fox News reported. 

These groups have been challenging the corrupted school board associations in their respective states, by “passing policies that prioritize student achievement to confront the objective failures of the education system.” 

According to Fox News, “Reformist school board associations are expanding rapidly in Arizona, California, the Carolinas, Kansas, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, and many other states. These organizations are replacing the radical ideology of the NSBA network with an academically focused competitor, called School Boards for Academic Excellence” (SBAE). 

SBAE and these other groups are presenting as better alternatives to the NSBA and its network of associations as school board members and parents continue to become savvy to their corruption. 

SBAE has taken the nation by storm in its mission to bring excellence back into education and to protect parents’ rights. So too, CALN has made quite the impact in the Carolinas, even in its early stages. Alongside us, dozens of other groups are fighting for America’s children – because we all refuse to leave them behind in a dilapidated education system. 

And, this fight has only just begun.